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Alternative Buy & Sell-for all your bizzare needs
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This community caters to all alternative clothing~ whether it be goth, punk, cyber, lolita etc.


Please put this somewhere in your user info, you can also put a few words about the community if you wish
<*lj comm="Alt_auctions"*>
(remove stars)
(if it is allowed or appropriate, advertise wherever you can). We want to make this community grow!

Buy and Sell

This is a community to advertise auctions, trades, buy/sells of alternative fashion clothing/accessories.


1. Please have the bulk of your ad be clothing
2. Place all pictures behind cut (you are allowed one without cut) this includes banners.
3. Don't make pictures too large or if they are large place it under a cut
4. Don't use extra large print
5. Make sure the content of your post is clear in the subject line ie: Direct Sale, Auction or Ebay
6. Don't repeat a webpage or phrase consecutively.
7. Post no more than once a week. If you have something else you need to say, go back and edit your previous post. If you persist on trying to post every day or every other day I WILL BAN YOU. Once I have warned you 3 times in less than a months time I reserve the right to ban you.
8. Please do not post THE SAME AD more than once a month.
9. Do not disallow comments, after all this is a community

Be kind and polite to other members and most of all have fun!

bad seller -BEWARE

unfortunately the bigger the community grows, the more chance there is of finding a fake online, who will take your money and not send you an item.
If this happens please contact me and let me know who it was and what item it was, so i can put their name here and exclude them from the community, my main priority here is to make sure everyone gets the item that they want, everyone gets their money and everyone stays happy.
However, i do not take responsibility for anyones selling/buying other then my own, i will not interferre with transaction, the only time i will step in is to break up a bad personal situation.